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JESSICA DILLON (B. 1986 Pennsylvania, USA) is an interdisciplinary artist working through the body to manifest and mobilize a gestural language delivered through a selective framing via costume, architecture, and technology. Dillon creates a narrative through fragments of different actions and media - an installation of moments across time. Dillon’s body-based practice functions in response to a kind of resistance, varying in degree and subject matter. Examples of this resistance include time/duration, material accumulation, spatial limitations, isolation, bodily limitation/disability, and responsibilities/motherhood. The resistance concentrates a bubbling build up, a pressure of mind and body in relation to stage/objects/props/costume. This collapse culminates in the release of energy/rubble, using the performance objects that are acted upon then reflected back. Meaning is imbued, flexible, time based, and shifting according to the nature of the gesture, provided through the context which is then solidified in a single, performative act. Dillon holds an MFA from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Her work has been shown in Los Angeles and New York and internationally in France and Germany.

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